Weddings around the world have unique traditions that observe the connection between the couple. Venezuelan wedding events are no distinct. Their traditions are affected by The spanish language, African, Italian, German born, Portuguese and indigenous cultures.

Food will be a major part of a venezuela wedding, especially during the reception. Caterers serve various foods, through the spanish vocabulary, local American, Playa da prata and Amerindian to Italian aliment.

A big spread of foodstuff is a common incidence at Venezuelan weddings, and it is quite often served with a special dessert that is made by the new bride. This dessert might have a number of pieces of bows connected around that.

Throughout the reception, a fun traditions called ‘la hora loca’ occurs. This is when guests are encouraged to wear costumes and what is the best free dating website dance to music until the reception venezuelan brides officially ends. During this time, they will be able to use noisemakers, specialized goggles and dancers.

An alternative fun tradition is the ‘feather attraction’. On this ceremony, friends will hand down necklaces to guests that are thought to bring them all the best.

The exchange of numismatic coins is another Latin American marriage ceremony tradition that is certainly popular in many countries, including Venezuela. This is a method to wish the newlyweds bundle of money and prosperity.

Las damas y los caballeros (maids and groomsmen) are very extremely important to Venezuelan couples, thus they tend to have these people involved in the wedding. They will play several jobs, like attending to the flowers and supplying the bride and groom something special before that they leave.

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