CEREC technology allows one the freedom to choose from a variety of restorative materials. Millable ceramics like those made of feldspathic porcelain render a more natural looking restoration because of its variety of shades, translucency. Its hardness that is comparable to that of natural dentition making it less abrasive than most ceramic. Leucite reinforced porcelain like feldspathic porcelain has good optical properties interms of shade and translucency and is therefore ideal for cases that demand great esthetics. Millable feldspathic porcelain and leucite reinforced porcelain means that restorations can be done in a single appointment.

Lithium disilicate restorations such as those made with e.max CAD have good esthetic value and great mechanical strength. This means that e.max crowns are ideal for posterior teeth like molars that frequently receives heavy load during chewing and biting. E.max CAD is also a millable ceramic and therefore can also be installed within one appointment.